The crowning touch, the centerpiece, the cherry on top. Whatever you’d like to call it, in a nursery, a mobile is just that. This week at the Animal Print Shop, we’ve been busy scouting a selection of beautiful, artistic pieces for a series of upcoming photo shoots.

A few of our favorites feature a constellation of citrus hues and a cluster of geometric gems; a host of gathered felt orbs, a multicolored cloudburst, and a cascade of golden sunshine.

Stay tuned to see what we used in the rooms we designed!

1. Happy Day Cloud Mobile, Baby Jives Co., $47
2. Custom Felt Pompom Mobile, Baby Gifts by Jill, $48
3. Flock Mobile, bookhou at home, $160
4. Themis Mobile, Clara Von Zweigbergk, $29
5. The Sunshine Chandelier,Lil’ Sprout Creations, $75