December 31, 2013

Girl nursery: CHARLOTTE EUNAH.

When it came to choosing which Little Darling prints would be featured in their daughter Charlotte’s nursery, Crystal and Chris Cho followed, shall we say, their animal instincts. “I chose the prints for Charlotte’s room based on which ones my husband and I thought were the cutest – we’re kind of led by cute.”

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

Over a year later, 16-month-old Charlotte is now old enough to recognize the Little Darlings’ appeal herself. “She’s obsessed with animals, especially all varieties of cats,” Crystal says. “She points to the prints and we will often go through and name each one for her. She pays attention with great interest. On occasion, she’ll kiss the lion cub with a big ‘mwah!'”

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

Lamb, Lion Cub, Duckling, Baby Giraffe, and Baby Monkey watch over little Charlotte as she plays, sharing the room with handmade paper flowers, furniture by Oeuf, Room & Board, and Ikea; and a book wall featuring an assortment of classics and newer favorites. “It was important to me that the room would grow with Charlotte and never feel too babyish, or too grown-up,” Crystal explains. “When I look back at the process, it was all a balancing act. I didn’t want it to be too anything – not too feminine, not too masculine, not too loud, not too soft.” 

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

In the end, the room – dressed in soft shades of gray, pink, yellow, and white – befits a little girl whose name denotes exuberance and love. “Her middle name is Korean,” says Crystal. “Her grandfather chose it, as is tradition in our culture. It means ‘beautiful blessing.’ It suits her to a tee.”


Photography by Jenny Sherouse.


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