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What makes The Animal Print Shop prints special?

The Animal Print Shop was established in 2008 by renowned photographer Sharon Montrose who has been capturing the beauty and charm of animals in her studio since 2004. Our authentic, sophisticated, and timless high quality prints of real, live animals are made in Sharon's lab, under her supervision, from her high resolution medium format digital negatives (captured with a Hasselblad camera system) and printed on the finest, museum-grade photographic paper available. Our beloved prints grace the walls of homes around the world, and have been featured in numerous publications including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Oprah Magazine. We also like think we're responsible for kids becoming animal lovers and wanting to grow up to be veterinarians!

What's an open edition?

An open edition is a print produced with no predetermined limit to the number of copies that might be made. Sharon's open editions are initialed by her en verso (on the back). We currently offer only two print sizes as open editions (7"x9" and 10"x13").

What's a limited edition?

A limited edition is a limited run of artwork which is numbered and signed by the artist. The limited number of prints in an edition yields a collectible piece of art. Sharon signs and numbers all limited edition prints en verso (on the back) and they come with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. We currently offer up to four print sizes per image as limited editions. Prices are graduated so that as the edition sells out, the price increases. Once an edition sells out, it is closed forever and will no longer be available. In some cases, we will offer a special off-size (20"x24') run of a sold out edition.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We want you to love your print! We've gone to great lengths providing detailed product listings and visuals so our customers know exactly what they're getting and will be happy when it arrives. Our fine art prints and custom frames are made-to-order. Therefore, we do not accept returns. Unframed prints may be exchanged within 30 days of delivery. Framed prints are final sale. Any exchanged items must be unused and in all original packaging. Shipping is non-refundable.

Do you offer framing?

Yes! For your convenience, we offer a framed option for our open edition prints (7"x9" and 10"x13"). Our frames are professionally custom hand-crafted and assembled in Los Angeles, CA and arrive ready to hang right out of the box. White solid wood moulding, fitted with shatterproof acrylic (not glass) and finished with a protective backing, bumpers and hanging wire. To order, select "FRAME IT"on the product page. They are individually boxed in our signature boxes–the perfect way to give our prints as gifts!

Or, if you’re crafty and prefer to save a few bucks by fitting the print yourself into a ready-made frame, check out our framing help section for our ready-made frame recommendations.

Are your sizes in inches or centimeters?


Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to most Countries. If you find your Country in the drop-down menu at checkout, we ship there. Please be sure to read our shipping section for international shipping fees and our notes about customs/duties/taxes.

My Country is not on your drop-down menu, why?

Unfortunately we no longer ship to some countries due to issues with shipping. If you are in Germany or Spain, you can order through our German/Spain distributor: www.leoz.com, and if you are elsewhere, you can use a freight forwarding service such as www.myus.com.

How do I know if the print I want is oriented horizontally or vertically?

At the top of each product page, right under the title, there is orientation info that indicates horizontal or vertical.

Do you offer trade discounts?

We offer a 10% trade discount. Please email us two(2) qualifying documents from the list below and we will get you set up in our system. • Valid membership to a major design organization (e.g. ASID, IIDA, AIA, NKBA, IDC) • Business or Resale License—Signed resale certificates are required for each state where you seek tax exemption (U.S. only) • Business card with your design profession • Interior Design Certification (e.g. NCIDQ, CCIDC)

Why are the large, limited editions so much more expensive than the small, open editions?

When Sharon first made her work available to the public as only large, limited edition prints, people started asking her if she'd consider making a more affordable option. She wanted to give more people the ability to own her work in some form, so she came up with the idea of a small, open edition that she could offer at a significantly lower price than the large, limited editions due to sheet paper size, bulk printing rates, and open edition nature (see the two Q's above for an explanation of open editions and limited editions). The large, limited edition prints can not be produced with the same cost saving parameters as the small, open edition prints, and therefore are more expensive.

Can I get a high-res digital file so I can make a print myself?

No way.

Can The Animal Print Shop make a donation to my charity?

Due to the amount of donation requests we get, we are currently fully committed. Please check back next year.

How can I put your prints on my Baby Shower register?

You can register for our prints by using www.myregistry.com or click the "add to MyRegistry" button on our product pages.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Unframed Prints (7"x9" and 10"x13") - Domestic (US) orders are estimated to land within 3-8 business days.
Open editions - International orders are estimated to land within 17-31 business days.
Large, limited editions - Domestic (US) orders are estimated to land within 12-16 business days.
Framed Prints are made-to-order and take 1-2 weeks before they are ready to ship.
Large, limited editions - International orders are estimated to land within 3-4 weeks.
*More detailed processing and shipping times are explained in our shipping section.

How will I know when my order ships?

An email confirmation was sent to the email address you used when placing your order. And an email will also be sent to the same email address when your order ships. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk folder or inquire with your email server to see if they blocked auto order confirmations (we see this happen a lot). If you set up an account, you can also check your order history through our site under "order history" in "accounts".

What if my print gets lost in the mail or arrives damaged?

If you think your order is lost in the mail: Before contacting us, please make sure you have read our processing and shipping times and contacted the shipping carrier (USPS or FedEX) using the delivery confirmation number or the tracking info that was emailed to you. If after doing both, you think your order is lost in the mail, please contact us and make sure to include your order number. If we conclude that your order is lost after our own efforts to find it, we will replace your order.

If the image area of your print arrives with shipping damage or has a flaw, please contact us as soon as possible with a snapshot of the damage visible. Please note: The image area of your print is the area inside the white border. We have found no matter how carefully and rigid we package for transit, print corners and edges can take slight damage while being loaded on and off trucks and in the hands of mail carriers. It is for these potential issues that we print on a paper size much larger than the image size, allowing for a protective border all the way around the image. The only purpose of the extra white border is to protect the image. In addition to protecting the image area during shipping, the border will also help protect your image while being framed and from any oil residue fingertips could leave while handling the print. Frame moulding and/or a mat will cover blemishes to the white border. However, if any creases on the edges or corners of the white border concern you, simply have your framer trim them back to the standard 1/4 inch.

What if I or my framer damaged the print while being framed? Help!

We will help you out! We are resonable folks over here who understand accidents happen. All we ask is you are reasonable and honest with us while we work towards a resolution (please don't make up some crazy story about how all of a sudden, out of nowhere, your print got covered in Cheetos flakes – just tell us– we eat Cheetos too!). In the case of limited editions, we may need to speak with the framer who unpacked the print, then ask that the damaged print be destroyed before a replacement is issued. While we can't replace the print you damaged free of charge, we will do our very best to replace it at the lowest replacement cost possible to you and/or your framer!

Why is $5 flat rate shipping only available to USA customers?

Because unfortunately international shipping is much more expensive than domestic shipping. You can find international shipping prices in the shipping section of our site.

How do you ship the prints?

The open edition prints are carefully packaged in a sleeve with double corrugated board and shipped in a sturdy flat cardboard mailer. The large, limited editions are carefully rolled in a tube, and the tube is shipped inside a box. Framed prints are shipped boxed via FedEx Ground. For shipping prices, combined shipping, and delivery times, please check the shipping section of our site.

What printing method is used for the prints?

All of our prints are created under Sharon's (the photographer) supervision using archival pigment inks on museum grade 300 gsm fine art photo paper with a luster finish – they are professionally printed from Sharon's high resolution medium format digital negatives (captured with a Hasselblad camera system) and hold their sharp focus and quality at every size we offer.

Do the colors/tones of the actual prints look like the images we see online?

We have made every effort to ensure fidelity between the images you see on our site and the final prints. However, since the colors you see depend on your computer monitor settings, we cannot guarantee they are 100% accurate. Personally, we think they look even better in person.

Is there a place I can see the prints in person?

We're an online shop only. If you're considering a limited edition in a 20"x24", 30"x40", or 40"x52" size and would like to see the paper and print quality before making such a significant purchase, you may purchase a small, open edition print and if you end up purchasing the same image as a 20x24, 30x40, 0r 40"x52" limited edition print within 30 days, we'll deduct the cost of the small print from the total of the limited edition print order. Just be sure to please contact us after you've placed your limited edition order so we know to issue you a refund.

Do you offer gift certificates? Or can you put a gift message in with my order?

We do offer Gift Cards. You can find them here. And, our checkout is set up to accept gift messages, so you may enter a message to your recipient at checkout in the "gift message" field.

Can I copy or use the images from this website on my own website, blog, business card, etc.?

No. All rights to all the images on this site are reserved by Sharon and are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Images that we share on this site are for informational purposes only and may not be used in any way without Sharon's prior permission.

If I buy a print or a piece of original art, can I make a copy of it? Don't I own it?

When you purchase a print or a piece of original artwork, you do not purchase the copyright or the right to reproduce the image in any form: You purchase only a physical copy of the image. You may not use or copy any images for any reason without prior permission, even if the use is noncommercial, not for profit, educational, or for your own private use.

Do you license these images?

No. We feel licensing our images for use elsewhere would distract from our brand recognition and confuse our consumers.

I keep getting an error (decline) when I know my credit card should be working!! HELP!!!

There are many possible reasons, as follows:

1. Name & Address: 90% of declined orders are due to a difference between the Billing name & address entered and the name & address on file with your credit card company. Internet Secure's server will tolerate very little difference - even double or missing spaces make for errors and thus declined/refused orders. Check your credit card statement and enter your name and address as closely as possible as it appears there.

2. If you have made multiple repeated attempts that were returned as declined (typically from a typo or address mismatch in your first attempt), your financial institution may well have blocked any purchase from our site on your behalf. This is done to protect the cardholder from fraud and multiple felonious purchases. You will have to wait a number of days; the period of time that our store will be embargoed on your card account varies by financial institution. You can contact them to have the embargo removed.

3. Browser Issues: If you have already attempted a transaction, please re-boot your browser to clear the cache. Or try a different internet browser.

4. If none of the above applies, call your issuing bank to see if they can shed any light or please contact us for further help.