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Inspired Finds: Wolf Pup Pair.

We’ve always had a soft spot for this playful pair, whose wily ways never fail to make us smile. (They’ve also made wonderful playmates for a set of siblings, as shown here.) This month, taking cues from everything we love best — their exuberance, their elegance, their spirited charm: a collection of seven treasures, including a hand-carved stamp, a tea blend meant to recall “expansive Western frontiers,” a delicate silver pendant, and Howlin’ Wolf, playing the blues.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. “Part Wolf” tee, $28
2. Howlin’ Wolf: His Best, $11.41
3. Stamp, $9.20
4. Hat, $32
5. White Wolf tea, $17
6. Necklace, $29
7. Resin wolf head, $94.99

Inspired Finds: Baby Squirrel.

This month, in honor of our rascally, resourceful Baby Squirrel, we’ve got our eye on items made for equally playful tots: an organic cotton onesie in a spring-like shade of leafy green, an embroidered animal totem with a pair of sturdy squirrels in the middle, a collection of rainbow acorns, and a handmade linen tree for make-believe safekeeping. (More treasures below.)

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
1. Onesie, $26
2. “The Squirrel’s Birthday and Other Parties,” $11.66
3. Pillow, $74
4. Puzzle, $15.67
5. Linen tree, $58
6. Acorn sorting toys, $15
7. Finger puppet mobile, $95

Inspired Finds: Baby Chick.

Easter’s coming, and we’re well-prepared. To commemorate the special day, we’ve got chocolate chicks, a stoneware egg crate, a sassy tote bag, and a pillowcase too cute for words. Further, for those who are extra committed, we’ve found the world’s chicest backyard chicken coop, and a woven basket for collecting – what else? – Easter eggs. We think Baby Chick would approve.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
1. Egg crate, $12
2. Chocolate chick, $8
3. Modern chicken coop
4. Woven basket, $22.50
5. Pillowcase, $14
6. Tote bag, $18

Inspired Finds: Lamb Little Darling.

We at The Animal Print Shop are lucky enough to call sunny Southern California home, where it’s summer year-round and the beach beckons, regardless of the date on the calendar. These days, though, as we prepare for spring in our short-sleeved shirts, we’re feeling for our friends in colder climates, who are at the mercy of winter’s last, storm-ridden days. No matter, though – we’ve got a remedy. Lamb Little Darling is a sight for sore eyes on a chilly day. Inspired by her fleece (which is, of course, as white as snow), we’ve corralled a charming collection of cozy curiosities: a mobile of felted sheep; etched mirrors; a Danish pine rocker, soft as silk. 
 The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Book, $14.36
2. T-shirt, $40.99
3. Mobile, $45
4. Danish rocker, $359.31
5. Mirrors, $39-59
6. Stuffed lamb, $15.25
7. Faux Lamb pillow, $69

Inspired Finds: Double Bunnies.

In honor of a week devoted to all things love, we’ve gathered a few choice items inspired by a snuggly bundle of fur better known in our shop as Double Bunnies. Among our picks: soft gray slippers made of mohair; caramels named for the blink of a rabbit’s eye; a porcelain nightlight; and a paper puppet caught mid-stride. We’re tickled pink.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Nightlight, $10.95
2. Wink of the Rabbit caramels, $8.50 for 4
3. Paper puppet, $11.30
4. Necklace, $198
5. Bunny slippers, $95
6. Card, $5.95
7. Beeswax candle, $16.95
8. Boxers, $12.95

Gift Guide. For Pets, of course!

Pets are members of the family, too, and this year, we thought we’d help animal lovers everywhere treat their furry, four-legged friends for the holidays. With Christmas just over a week away, we know we’re cutting it close (we’ve been busy making sure our holiday orders get out on time!), but, mercifully, pets won’t know the difference – and we’re confident they’ll love us just the same.

Below, choice gifts for dogs and cats – and, for good measure, one for the birds, as well. The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Antler chew toy, $16. Made in Finland from naturally-shed reindeer antlers. 

2. Canvas bowl, $36. This collapsible water bowl comes with a brass clip so it fastens easily to leashes.

3. Sleigh Bell collar, $38. Puts a spring – and some spirit – into every step.

4. Sleeping bag, $160. A snug tartan bed lined in sheep’s wool, by Cloud 7.

5. Cat teepee, $32. Cozy and cutting-edge.

6. Patterned bowl, $18. So they’ll look hip as they sip.

7. Cat brush, $19.95. A lacquered beechwood brush for a feline expecting only the best.

8. Feather cat toy, $8. All natural, with dye-free feathers.

9. Birdhouse, $58. Constructed using mangrove branches from the Philippines.

10. Garden in a Bag: Cat Nip, $9. Maximum fun, very minimal effort.


Bear may be preparing for a long winter’s sleep, it’s true. But us? We’re stocking up for a season full of sweet surprises. Among our most coveted items: a dress printed with playful polar bears; fluffy bedroom slippers (complete with claws!); and artisanal sandwich cookies made with peanut butter, oats, raw sugar, and, of course, honey. Come and get us, winter.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
1. Dress, $409.35
2. T-shirt, $22
3. Candle, $24-32
4. Slippers, $12.99-20.99
5. Thank-you card, $4
6. Honey Bear cookies, $9.50
7. Rug, $19


For pint-sized animal lovers hoping to pay homage to their four-legged friends: a felt-and-fabric-paint mask and tail; a  wool monkey hat and plush banana; snow-white leggings and a fluffy, puffy cottontail. Designed to work with items your kids may already own (a basic white tee or brown leggings, for example), these costumes are perfect in a pinch for Halloween – or as dress-up chest staples all year round.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Hoodie, $34
2. Monkey hat, $48
3. Monkey booties, $48
4. Banana, $6.17
5. Thermal leggings, $38

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Zebra mask and tail, $35.15
2. Mary Janes, $95
3. Cotton tee, $20
4. Zebra tights, $19

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Headband, $32.83
2. Leggings, $16.95
3. Peplum tee, $32.50
4. Bunny tail, $3.99
5. Natural face paint, $14

Whatever your plans – and whatever your costume – have a very happy Halloween!