May 27, 2013

New Release: Longhorn Steer Close-up

Known for their iconic horns, which can extend up to 7 feet tip to tip, the longhorn steer is a vision: strong, majestic, and remarkably gentle and sweet-natured for possessing such immense power. Welcome Longhorn Steer–we couldn’t be more pleased to add his peaceful presence to our collection.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

March 20, 2013

New Spring Darlings: Nursery Art

Today marks the beginning of spring, an event we’ve been looking forward to since, oh, the first crisp day of fall. After a long winter (it can get pretty chilly here, even in Southern California), we’re ready to greet longer days and budding flowers. We’re also happy to introduce two new babies to our Little Darlings family. Baby Bunny and Baby Chick are spirited, sparkling, full of life. Just like sunshine, just like spring.

November 27, 2012

Our Little darlings family is growing!

Whether wide-eyed and innocent (hello, Lion Cub), or sprightly and mischievous (we’re looking at you, Baby Monkey), one thing’s true of all our Little Darlings.

They’re simply adorable.

Launched last year, Little Darlings – The Animal Print Shop’s series of baby animal close-ups – has become one of our most beloved collections, especially as nursery art. And today, we’re adding to it with two charming new faces: Baby Camel and Baby Zebra.

In celebration of their arrival, we’re excited to share a brand-new video (with original music from The Watson Twins!) honoring the special relationships your Little Darlings form with our Little Darlings (Little Darlings are especially popular as nursery decor). Have a look for yourself and see what we’re talking about!

Do you love “Love of Mine” by The Watson Twins as much as we do? Buy the track here.

(product shot wallpaper by anthropologie. wall sconces by urban outfitters)

July 19, 2012

Welcome Baby Camel

Camels are notoriously grumpy (they’re known for being spitters, after all), but this sweet girl? Never. We’re so excited to welcome Baby Camel to our nursery art collection – and by the looks of that smile, she’s happy to be here, too.

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