June 12, 2013

Baby Elephant Nursery Room Sources

We’ve been blown away by the response to this room–it’s such a great feeling. When we came up with the concept for The Animal Print Shop Nursery Project, our goal was to inspire our customers beyond the walls our prints hang on–and based on our inbox over the last week, we’ve acomplished that goal. “Where can I get that whale pillow?”–”what crib is that?”–”where do I find the floating changing table?”–”who makes the rocking chair?”–”what size is the baby elephant print?” Even though the room sources are listed at the bottom of the orginal post, it seems all the photos were too much of a distraction, so we whipped up a quick post dedicated to all the sources right here!
The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Crib (and changing tray): Oeuf
2.Tassel Garland (these are decor–Max and Margaux take them off when baby Dash sleeps): The Minimalist
3. Baby Elephant Art (available in 5 sizes–here in 30″x40″): The Animal Print Shop
4. Blanket: The Minimalist 
5. Circle Pillow: The Minimalist
6. Brass Swing Arm Lamp: OneFortyThree
7. Whale Pillow: Ferm Living
8. Rocking Chair: OneFortyThree
9. Floating Storage unit: See Morgans’s DIY here (we used 24″ depth)
10.Sheets: Little Auggie
11. Curtains (hand stamped with a black triangle pattern): Ikea 
12. Beat up hang-it-all brought back to life with school bus yellow paint

Other features include a custom made mobile by OneFortyThree, leather cabinet pulls by CAMP, book ledges from Ikea, a white elephant chair, and a faux sheepskin rug from ebay.

We’re working on more Nursery Projects, so be sure to stay tuned. Watch for Sharon’s instagram sneak peek’s (@sharonmontrose#theanimalprintshopnurseryproject

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