Products We Love: Luvmother.

Canada-based company Luvmother makes kids’ clothing that is exactly what most items for children are not: no frills (yet still perfectly suited to a pint-sized aesthetic), high quality (pieces are made using ethically-sourced, “traceable” materials), and made to last (according to its founders, Luvmother products retain a “built-in hand-me-down quality”). We love the clothing’s simple shapes, soft-to-the-touch textures, and muted color palette — in fact, we’d go so far as to say that if we could, we’d happily wear it ourselves.

Luvmother1 Luvmother2 See more from Luvmother, here.

Boy Nursery: Xavier’s Forest Retreat.

“Xavier is the happiest, smiliest, most gorgeous little boy,” says Melissa Barling of her toddler son, before adding: “Of course, I’m biased. Designing his nursery was a dream.”

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

It was, indeed, in more ways than one. Xavier’s nursery, outfitted in a forest animal theme, is the inaugural project for WINTER*DAISY, a business founded by Melissa that specializes in children’s interior design. “WINTER*DAISY’s aesthetic is serene and modern,” she says. “And it consistently draws inspiration from nature and the outdoors.”

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

Appropriately, Xavier’s cheerfully-colored quarters feature a menagerie of wooden animals perched above the changing table; an assortment of children’s books, with titles including In My Jungle and This Moose Belongs to Me; and four framed Little Darlings: Baby Deer, Wolf Pup, Baby Fox, and Bear Cub. “Xavier absolutely adores animals,” says his mother. “I originally had different art for the wall above the armchair but when I received Baby Fox and Baby Bear in the mail, I had to go back and get two more — I was so blown away by the quality of the images. The room really wouldn’t be complete without them.”

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

“Xavier loves his little forest friends,” she continues. “He’s always putting his arms up for me to pick him up for a closer look. He points and says, ‘Beah’ for Bear, and ‘Dee’ for Deer with a big smile on his face. His twin sisters keep asking when they are going to get baby animals in their room, too.”


“WINTER*DAISY was an idea that evolved over time and is now becoming a reality,” Melissa says. “I’m so excited for what’s to come.” But when all’s said and done, the completion of Xavier’s nursery signifies more than just the beginnings of a business — it’s resulted in what Melissa refers to as “a dreamy space for reading, playing, and peaceful sleep.” It’s also where treasured memories are made. “I love spending time in here with Xavier and his sisters. We sit together, we read,” she says, “just taking in the space.”

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful space with us, Melissa and Xavier! Visit WINTER*DAISY’s website for more, here.

Round-Up: Woven Baskets.

For magazines, for laundry, for your sweetest, softest toys: eight woven baskets in an array of shapes and sizes, made from materials like seagrass, wool, and water hyacinth. Whatever your preference, you’re bound to get your money’s worth — these hardy, durable weaves are made to last, providing years of storage for treasures of all kinds.





1. Market basket, $39
2. Seagrass basket, $88
3. Jute rope basket, $22.99
4. African knitting basket, $55
5. Ghana market basket, $36.50
6. Ghana open-top basket, $92
7. African basket with lid, $165
8. Woven bin, $95

Want more round-ups? Our favorite nursery pillows and soft toys.

Boy Nursery Design: Dillon’s Safari.

Dillon Widell may have only just celebrated his first birthday, but — thanks to his mother, Barette — he’s got a nursery filled with enough inspiration to fuel a lifetime of adventure. “I wanted to create a room for Dillon that would allow his imagination to run wild, and where he’d feel he was in his own little world,” she says of the space’s safari theme.

Located in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties, the nursery is home to a plethora of furry and feathered friends: there’s an elephant hamper next to the crib, a gorilla on the daybed, a little yellow giraffe and a friendly lion at Dillon’s pillow. “There are so many things in this room that I love,” says Barette. “The safari-themed Gucci scarf was my mom’s, for example, and I used to wear it all the time. It always reminded me of my grandmother, who was from South Africa. I’m so thankful I could have a piece with such meaning and history for Dillon’s room. “

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose


As for the six Little Darlings above the crib, she says, “I saw the prints online while researching nurseries and just knew I needed to get them — each time I looked at them, they put a huge smile on my face. In the end, I decided to put them above Dillon’s bed, thinking that once he was old enough, he’d look up and smile at them before falling asleep.”

Wishing you sweet dreams and happy adventuring, Dillon.

Nursery design by Barette Widell. Photographs by Renee Dickerson.

Gift Guide: Dogs and Cats.

For those of you whose pets receive the same holiday gift-giving consideration as people (we know you’re out there), we’ve rustled up ten ideas for cherished cats and dogs. Among them: a cleanser made with citrus and spearmint, a squeaky toy emblazoned with a mailman’s mug, and a collar charm containing ID info (to ensure a happy reunion should Fido ever go astray).


1. Grreat Choice, Sisel Ball and Mice Pack, $4.99
2. ORE Pet, Speckle & Spot Ceramic Bowl, $12.29
3. PetFusion, Walnut Brown Cat Scratcher Lounge, $49.95
4. Aesop, Animal Fur Cleanser, $39
5. Billy Wolf, Porter Plaid Dog Coat, $62
6. Oré Pet, Mail Man Dog Toy, $8
7. Heather Dalrymple, Handwoven Pet Basket, $225
8. Kaufmann Mercantile, Hemp & Solid Brass Dog Leash, $59
9. Filson, Leather Dog Collar, $38
10. Bethany Obrecht, Brass ID Tube Charm, $14

Baby Rhino Nursery Sources: Part Two


1. Rainbow Stacking Toy: Land of Nod
2. Paint Color: Valspar Modest Silver
3. Duckling Photograph (10″ x 13″): The Animal Print Shop
4. Wobble Chicken: Land of Nod
5. Wooden Blocks: Little Sapling Toys
6. Baskets: Container Store
7. Knit Monkey: Land of Nod
8. Pottery: Vitrified Studio
9. Chair: Search ebay for Vintage Pretzel Style Rattan or similar new here.

We’re working on more Nursery Projects, so be sure to stay tuned. Watch for Sharon’s instagram sneak peek’s (@sharonmontrose) #theanimalprintshopnurseryproject

Baby Rhino Nursery Sources: Part One

Our email inbox is full of questions about this room. It seems we left out some coveted items on our source list (we’re looking at you vintage rocking horse), so we whipped up a quick post dedicated to all the sources right here in one place. We’re so happy the spaces we create are inspiring folks beyond the walls our prints hang on–when we came up with the concept for The Animal Print Shop Nursery Project, that’s exactly what we set out to do.

The shelves are coming up next week in Baby Rhino Nursery Sources: Part Two.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Crib: Ikea  Crib Sheet: Land of Nod
2. Paint Color: Valspar Modest Silver
3. Baby Rhino Art (16″ x 20″): The Animal Print Shop
4. Ceiling Pendant Light: Allied Maker
5. Swaddling Blanket: Coyuchi
6. Changing Tray: Oeuf
7. Changing Pad and Cover: Olio Studio
8. Basket: Vintage (find similar here)
9. Indoor Plant: China Doll
10. Dresser: Mint Home
11. Wall Weaving: Vintage (check out Maryanne Moodie and Janelle Pietrzak)
12. Vintage Moroccan Azilal Rug: Pink Rug Co.
13. Rocking Horse: Vintage (snatch one up here)

We’re working on more Nursery Projects, so be sure to stay tuned. Watch for Sharon’s instagram sneak peek’s (@sharonmontrose) #theanimalprintshopnurseryproject

Introducing Baby Rhino in a Soothing California Nursery.

We’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of our family, but we must warn you: He’s a bit of a brute – in the most charming way!

Meet Baby Rhino.

To properly greet our new friend, Sharon designed a soothing California nursery based around pieces she loves. Since launching The Animal Print Shop Nursery Project, folks often seek our advice to help with a design direction for their own nurseries. Our answer is simple: there’s no right or wrong – pick pieces you love and find a way to put them all together. So for Baby Rhino’s Nursery, we followed our own advice.

Without an intentional design direction, Sharon picked the main pieces with one criteria in mind: she was drawn to them: a beautifully simple and affordable Ikea crib; a quirky, plush moroccan rug; a vintage mid-century dresser with clean lines and a touch of brass. Then we used paint color, small accent pieces, and baby basics to thread everything together–ending up with a soothing, sophisticated nursery that lends an element of child-friendly fun.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

We’re happy with the result and think Baby Rhino is too! He joins a collection of joyful treasures new and old, including classic books, plush wildlife, wooden toys, and — fancy meeting him here — a familiar little yellow Duckling to keep him company.


Paint Color: Valpsar Modest Silver
Crib: Ikea
Animal Wall Art (Baby Rhino in 16″ x 20″): The Animal Print Shop
Vintage Moroccan Azilal Rug: Pink Rug Co.
Crib Sheet: Land of Nod
Swaddling Blanket: Coyuchi
Pendant Light: Allied Maker
Dresser: Vintage from Mint Home
Changing Tray: Oeuf
Wall Hanging: Vintage (find similar on Etsy or ebay)
Curtains: Custom made from Linen fabric (inverted pleat) hung on ceiling mount curtain track that we painted the same color as the ceiling for a clean, invisible look.
Designer: Sharon Montrose

We’re working on more Nursery Projects, so be sure to stay tuned. Watch for Sharon’s instagram sneak peek’s (@sharonmontrose) #theanimalprintshopnurseryproject

Inspired Finds: Halloween Edition, Part 2.

Halloween’s just around the corner, and in continuation of last year’s Print Shop-inspired costume post, we’ve got three new dress-up ideas to share: a feather-soft duckling in tangerine-colored rain boots; an elephant with plush peanuts in tow; and a charming piglet with ballet slipper hooves and a curly pink pipe-cleaner tail. Like last year, these costumes are based around items of clothing your child may already own — just add a mask, or ears, or a snout-on-a-stick, and you’re set!

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Sweater, $133
2. Mask, $18
3. Leggings, $18
4. Rain boots, $36.95

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Ears and tail, $10
2. Pullover, $11.21
3. Cotton leggings, $52
4. Suede boots, $88
5. Roasted peanuts set, $4

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Sweater, $34.95
2. Ears, $3.35
3. Snout, $3
4. Ballet slippers, $18.50
5. Leggings, $18-22
6. Pipe cleaners, $3.45 for 100

Wishing you a wonderful, wild Halloween!

New Release: American Buffalo Close-Up. (Plus a Bonus Makeover.)

We’ve long admired American Buffalo for his dignified presence and quiet grace. And, apparently, so have you — his limited-edition sizes are nearly sold-out. (We’re glad you love him as much as we do.) For those who can’t get enough of him, we’ve got you covered with our newest edition, American Buffalo Close-Up.

For his debut, Sharon looked to Carter Design to put together a room that would compliment his stately splendor. Diffused with natural light and furnished with of our favorite pieces by Matt Monroe of Monroe Workshop, we know Buffalo’s loving the view.

But wait! There’s a bonus: this room is part of a full-house renovation, so we thought it’d be fun to share a little before-and-after — because who doesn’t love a good makeover? 

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

Your eyes are not deceiving you — this really is the same space. In order to balance a disproportionately large dining room, a tiny kitchen, and an oddly-placed closet, the kitchen, closet, and dining area were made into one big, bright room.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

This meant removing an entire wall and adding an exposed support header in it’s place. Then, 4″ x 4″ decorative beams were added to the rest of the dining room ceiling to blend the header into the space.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

We know, we know — where’s the kitchen? It’s coming later, and it’ll be worth the wait. But in the meantime, let’s settle into this space with our new pal — with the light, the leather, the warm wood tones, we’re more than happy to sit and stay a while.


Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee
Beam Stain: Watco Danish Oil in Medium Walnut
Dining Table and Chairs: Monroe Workshop
Cradenza: Monroe Workshop
Leather Sofa: Midcentury LA
American Buffalo Close-up (40″ x 52″): The Animal Print Shop
Rug: Lawrence of La Brea
Grasshopper Floor Lamp: DWR
Cermanic Wall Hanging: Heather Levine Ceramics
Black Olive Tree: The Tropics
Designer: Carter Design

We promise to show more of this home renovation, so be sure to stay tuned. Join our blog feed on the sidebar of this page, or watch for Sharon’s instagram updates: @sharonmontrose

(Photos by Joe Schmelzer for The Animal Print Shop)