Story Behind the Shot: Laure Joliet.

In “Story Behind the Shot,” Instagramers share the anecdotes behind their most memorable animal-centric snaps. 


Who: Photographer Laure Joliet (@ljoliet) and Hazel

Where: At home in Los Angeles

What: “From the moment I walk through the door, Hazel follows me around – she’s my constant companion and much more like a dog than a cat. On this particular day she had been alone since the early morning, so when I came home and leaned over to set my bag down, she jumped to my shoulders, a favorite perch of hers. Even though I was in a rush, I took a moment, sat down, and let her purr and burrow into my hair with the sun setting behind us. “

Lovely. Thank you, Laure and Hazel! 

Inspired Finds: Baby Chick.

Easter’s coming, and we’re well-prepared. To commemorate the special day, we’ve got chocolate chicks, a stoneware egg crate, a sassy tote bag, and a pillowcase too cute for words. Further, for those who are extra committed, we’ve found the world’s chicest backyard chicken coop, and a woven basket for collecting – what else? – Easter eggs. We think Baby Chick would approve.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
1. Egg crate, $12
2. Chocolate chick, $8
3. Modern chicken coop
4. Woven basket, $22.50
5. Pillowcase, $14
6. Tote bag, $18

Boy Nursery Design: Cruz’s Quarters.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

“I don’t think a donkey is everyone’s first choice when it comes to creating a nursery,” says Priscila Barros, creator of Babiekins Magazine and mother to 7-month-old Cruz, whose white and gold bedroom features a custom-made clothing rack, polka dot sheets, and our very own Donkey print. “Most people might go for a softer, ‘cuter’ animal like a baby chick or a lamb – but there was just something that I loved about this donkey.”

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

So what was it, exactly, that drew Priscila to our pal? “When I was a little girl, I used to pass the cutest donkey while helping clean stalls on my dad’s ranch. It had bright yellow teeth, a strange patch of hair on his forehead, and a loud, screechy voice. So maybe, in a way, the donkey print reminds me of a special time in my childhood. It also reminds me to be patient and kind (like the donkey I knew) – things I hope Cruz grows up to be.”  

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The nursery’s array of textiles – a sheepskin throw here, personality-packed pillows by Colette Bream there – add warmth and a wink; the patterned ceiling brings depth. “The triangles are gold decals put up by our interior designer Amy Fjeldsted. She mapped out the whole ceiling so it wouldn’t be crooked, and put each up by hand. Cruz loves to stare up at the shapes,” Priscila says. “Actually, when we started the design process, I only had a few concrete elements in mind – knew I wanted some sort of design on the ceiling, and I knew that I wanted that donkey. That was about it!” 

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

We’re thrilled he’s found such a loving home – thank you to Priscila and Cruz for sharing this room with us! Photos by Angelina Lopez.

Design Crush: Muller Van Severen.

We may be new to the work of Belgian furniture designers Muller Van Severen, but with their use of sleek lines and vivid colors, we have a hunch we’ll be hearing about them for some time to come. One day, we’d love to have a piece to call our own; for now, we’re content to let these innovative items furnish our wildest design daydreams. See more, here. muller-van-severen

1. First Rocking Chair
2. Crossed Double Seat
3. Solo Seat Granito
4. Low Table + Lamp
5. Duo Seat + Lamp

Products We Love: Wooden Pendant Lights

Built from hoop pine timber, these apple-shaped wooden pendant lights by Mutated Creatures come accented in white, orange, green, or watermelon pink. We think they’d be perfect in a nursery, a living room, a dining room, a foyer – come to think of it, any room would be made better (and brighter) by their presence. 



Available for purchase at the Mutated Creatures Etsy shop, here.


Story Behind the Shot: Emily Johnston.

In “Story Behind the Shot,” Instagramers share the anecdotes behind their most memorable animal-centric snaps. 


Who: Photographer Emily Johnston (@emily__johnston) and her 3-year-old mutt, Gil

Where: At home in New York City

What: “In the dead of winter, our morning walks tend to creep a little later into the day. This shot is from a Monday in December, and Gil is patiently waiting for me to work up the courage to bundle us up for our snowy ramble through the East Village…to get another cup of coffee.” 

Thanks for sharing, Emily and Gil! View more of Emily’s work on her website, here, and in her newly-launched iPhone print shop, Terra Incognita.


Inspired Finds: Lamb Little Darling.

We at The Animal Print Shop are lucky enough to call sunny Southern California home, where it’s summer year-round and the beach beckons, regardless of the date on the calendar. These days, though, as we prepare for spring in our short-sleeved shirts, we’re feeling for our friends in colder climates, who are at the mercy of winter’s last, storm-ridden days. No matter, though – we’ve got a remedy. Lamb Little Darling is a sight for sore eyes on a chilly day. Inspired by her fleece (which is, of course, as white as snow), we’ve corralled a charming collection of cozy curiosities: a mobile of felted sheep; etched mirrors; a Danish pine rocker, soft as silk. 
  The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Book, $14.36
2. T-shirt, $40.99
3. Mobile, $45
4. Danish rocker, $359.31
5. Mirrors, $39-59
6. Stuffed lamb, $15.25
7. Faux Lamb pillow, $69

DIY: Leaf Animals by Handmade Charlotte.

Of all the four seasons, fall wins the prize for dazzling foliage. But spring – just days away – marks the return of leaves on trees, grass underfoot, and flowers in bloom, and to celebrate, we think this leaf animal tutorial on Handmade Charlotte is just right. It’s fun for any age and doable during most times of year (you’ll just have different colored animals).


All you’ll need are some markers, embroidery thread, and a few pressed leaves in interesting shapes and shades. We love DIY-er Natalie Kramer’s frisky foxes, her proud peacock, and those cheeky, cheery fish. 


For step-by-step instructions and a few helpful tips, visit Handmade Charlotte. Happy crafting!



The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

What better addition to a room decorated with elephant print wallpaper than our very own (and much beloved) Baby Elephant? In this stunning New York City nursery decorated by interior design team Sissy + Marley, animals take center stage against a modern palette filled with soothing neutrals. “Our client fell in love with our Baby Elephant Walk wallpaper and the Animal Print Shop prints – she knew she wanted to work the room around these two key elements,” the designers report.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

“We also love the leather hippo, and the Jonathan Adler zebra rug – they bring a playful element to the space,” they say. Add to that a sweeping view of NYC’s Central Park, and you’ve got a nursery fit for a little prince.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

Nursery design by Sissy + Marley. Wallpaper by Sissy + Marley for Jill Malek.